What's DollyBase

 DollyBase is a free dBase Clone that can manipulate Dbf files and support ndx index files, prg program file and query files.dBase was a popular database program in 80s with a developer lenguage. Many people made applications in dDase III.It's a program for nostalgic people.


  • Creation of dbase III/II database types
  • Support most xBase database formats and auxiliary files, like FoxBASE, FoxPRO, dbase IV, dbase III/II/III+ and memo fields (DBT files)
  • Support index files of Clipper(NTX) and dBase II/III (idx,ndx)
  • Complete curses envorinment to operate throught menus
  • Support SQL/CVS/HTML export formats
  • Support Undependend plataform record lock and database lock for multiclient environmetns
  • Support in very early stage import from PostgreSQL